Wireframing and FRS Documentation

Wireframing and FRS Documentation

From conceptualization to visuals, Lexx Digital helps startups to quickly create wireframes andwrite the functional specifications in a more visual form.

If you have an idea, which you want to visualize even before the PoC, the experts at Lexx Digital will work closely with you to prepare an excellent document covering wireframes and functional details.

The document is specially crafted with each screen or web page visually made along with the following details -

The process flow among the different screens and web pages

Validation points for every control on the pages or screens

Logical process chart for every page

How we do it?

Business Analysts

To understand your idea or business.

UI/UX Architects

Together with Business Analysts, the UI/UX architects will convert your idea into visuals ensuring smooth user journey.

UI/UX Architects

To ensure that all the validations and overall application architecture can support the initial and future versions.

The core objective is to ensure that these documents can easily be used by the development team.

Need an excellent PoC done with wireframes and functional details?

If you are still not sure about the development, we can prepare proof of concept including wireframes and functional details with excellent details.