SaaS Product Development

SaaS Product Development

Product development requires special skill set including -

  • Proof of Concept
  • Phases in the product development
  • Development roadmap
  • Infrastructure architecture.
  • Integration with third party applications.
  • Rolling out the first version and subsequent updates

Lexx Digital’s specialized team works as consultants and then shift hats to be as developers. We have gathered vast knowledge while developing state of the art software products for startups to big ventures.

Whether you are looking for a mobile app (as a product) OR web application (as a product) OR a desktop application (as a product) OR a combination of all three together, we can certainly bring a lot on the table for you.

LexxDigital For Your Product Development

We will understand your product idea.
Prepare a product development roadmap (including phases and versions)
Prepare a proof of concept to demonstrate working prototype.
After approvals on PoC, we will kick start the development of product using Agile methodology.
Our build team will upload your product on servers and ensuring a smooth launch.
At the time of each upgrade, we will perform the entire operation again to ensure that updates are done smoothly and effectively.

Lexx Digital Expertise in Technologies For -

Mobile App Products

Web App Products

Desktop App Products

Appropriate use of memory and disk usage to ensure light-weight and fast applications

Need an excellent PoC done with wireframes and functional details?

If you are still not sure about the development, we can prepare proof of concept including wireframes and functional details with excellent details.