Our team structure

Our Team Structure

All the functional areas are separate divisions to ensure smooth on boarding of our customers, always informed development, timely deliveries and excellent support.

One team is dedicated to a project at a time and has following team structure

Technical Project Manager

With minimum 8 years of experience and hands on in programming along with excellent project management skills.

Business Analysts

To convert the business requirements into excellent software applications. They write functional details of every page or screen for higher programming efficiency and efficiency.


To program the software using latest technologies and techniques strictly as per the requirements.

UI/UX Experts

To convert the wireframes into excellent looking pages or screens with latest color schemes, design patterns. They also ensure excellent user experience.

Database Experts

To design light weight database to ensure faster delivery of data to the applications.

Quality Testers

To prepare variety of use case scenarios, test cases and ensure that there are no bugs in the software.

Each team is supported by the following divisions -


Every customer is provided with an account manager to help mitigate any risk, understand new requirements and work on the costs.


Once the software application is delivered, this team is always keen to help our customers with any issues, new development needs and also educate our customers about new technologies.


To design an excellent architecture for faster communication between the software components and servers.


This team educates our programmers to write the code in a way that common libraries can be used again in other projects. This team also keeps a central code library with proper tags and descriptions.


To upload the applications on servers and ensure that all the prerequisites are available. And also help our customers go live without any hassle. Once the software application is delivered the core intellectual property is then transferred to a secure vault.