Development Process

Our Development Process

Lexx Digital’s excellent development process has been given a name - “Informed Development Process”. We believe that everyone involved in the development is well informed and has all the required details. This practice has helped us to achieve 90% “FTR (First Time Right)”.

Further believing in - “A picture is worth of thousand words”, the visuals are created along with finer details which help the programmers to quickly understand what needs to be developed.

Detailed Visual Specifications

The team consisting Technical Project Manager, Business Analysts, Software Architects, UI/UX experts prepare a detailed visual specifications. Every page or screen is drawn along with process flow, validations and expected output.

Excellent Collaboration

Lexx Digital uses industry standard collaborative development tools like BaseCamp, Asana, Teamwork and Podio. The project plans are loaded up in the tool and strictly adhered to ensure smooth deliveries.

Excellent Project Planning

Two levels of project plan are made. Level 1 project plan contains the major milestones to be covered during the development, build planning (containing the prerequisites required to run the developed application).

Level 2 project plan contains more detailed tasks to be completed by different teams.

Quality Control

We are highly quality conscious and give 100% to ensure high quality output. The quality testing team works closely with Software Architect, Business Analyst and Technical Project Manager to visualize and cover all the use case scenarios. Test cases are written based on the validations defined in the visual specifications.

Delivering Delights

While we ensure that our development process should deliver delights to our customers, we put emphasis on loading up the web apps or mobile apps so that our customers can start using it straight away. We provide detailed specifications of servers, prerequisites to run the applications and upload it to go live.

Need an excellent PoC done with wireframes and functional details?

If you are still not sure about the development, we can prepare proof of concept including wireframes and functional details with excellent details.