Offshore / Onshore Team

Offshore / Onshore Team

Lexx Digital provides dedicated offshore / onshore highly skilled developers, UI/UX Architects, Business Analysts, Quality Testers and Technical Project Managers.

Our team augmentation model has been specially crafted to ensure -

100% Transparency
100% Transparency

High Efficiency
High Efficiency

High Productivity
High Productivity

Cost Effectiveness
Cost Effectiveness

If you are looking to expand the team without hassles of hiring process, you can hire from Lexx Digital with an ease.

  • Technical Project Managers
  • UI/UX Architects
  • Testers
  • Programmers / Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Product Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Server Specialists
Experienced Technical Project Managers

If you need a Technical Project Manager to manage your projects with high productivity, we provide dedicated Technical Project Managers with the following skill sets -

  • Experience in Agile Methodology
  • Experience in CMMi Levels for processes
  • Hands-on in programming
  • Excellent project management
Experienced Programmers/Developers

If you are looking for highly experienced developers who can come on board quickly, understand your needs easily and work as consultants also, we provide dedicated developers with large experience and expertise in the following technologies -

  • Android
  • iOS
  • ReactNative
  • PHP/Laravel - v5.6
  • Asp.Net c# - Framework 4.0 to 4.6
  • Node.js - v9.5.0
  • Angular.js - v4.0.0
  • Express Framework - v4.16.0
Experienced UI/UX Architects

If you are struggling with excellent interfaces for your mobile or web app, we provide dedicated UI/UX Architects with large experience and expertise in the following-

  • Highly experienced in designing excellent user interfaces for mobile and web applications.
  • Ensure excellent user experience
  • Can design easily using Adobe Photoshop
  • Can create excellent graphic elements using Adobe Illustrator
  • Can prepare web pages using Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, CSS/LESS/CESS
  • Can prepare clickcable mobile screens faster as per your
Experienced Business Analysts

If you want to convert your idea or need into a visual specifications, you can hire dedicated business analysts from us. Our business analysts can prepare detailed visual documents of the mobile or web app which can be easily understood by developers for further programming. Our business analysts come with the following skill sets -

  • Experience in Agile Methodology
  • Experience in CMMi Levels for processes
  • Hands-on in programming
  • Excellent project management
Experienced Quality Testers

Quality testing is the most important aspect in software development. You can hire quality testers from Lexx Digital with the following skill sets -

  • Able to comprehend the business requirement.
  • Understand as why the mobile or web app was developed.
  • Understand the target audience or users.
  • Prepare the use case scenarios
  • Prepare the test cases
  • Work with latest tools for test automation
  • Prepare excellent reports which can be used by programmers directly
Our Pay-As-You-Use Model

Following highly skilled professionals are generally expensive and we provide them on Pay-As-You-Use model -

  • Software Architects - to help you design excellent software architecture.
  • Server Specialists - to help you configure servers, upload applications and make the mobile apps go live on different stores.
  • Product Engineering Specialists - To work with you closely and help you design the development and launch of a software product.

Hiring From Lexx Digital Is Easy!

Our process of providing dedicated offshort and onshore teams has been specially crafted by keeping “Customer First” approach.

We will understand your requirement Consult with you and provide you the skill sets that you would need Prepare a team charter (if you are looking for a team) and discuss with you. Get the team interviewed by you or your designated person(s). Execute the contract Dedicate the individual or team to kick start working with you.

Transparency, Honesty and Excellent Supervision

Once a team or individual is dedicated, our internal processes ensure that there is 100% transparency, honesty and supervise the works being done. Supervision is done on regular basis. Our excellent reporting mechanism helps you gauge the quantity and quality of work.

Need an excellent PoC done with wireframes and functional details?

If you are still not sure about the development, we can prepare proof of concept including wireframes and functional details with excellent details.