Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the digital world. With the development of latest devices which consume less power and are able to collect data and interact with other devices easily, many industrustries are now able to track their operations, minimize their expenses and increase customer stickiness.

Lexx Digital has in-house team including the hardware experts to identify or design the right devices and the software developers who can easily integrate different devices as per the need of business or individuals.

Apps for different devices

Lexx Digital’s team of highly skilled developers are experts in -

The Hardware Implementation & Software (Primarily Dashboards)

The IoT implementation comprises of hardware implementation & integration and an online web or mobile app to provide analytics or controlling the devices.

  • Hardware Implementation - Lexx Digital’s IoT hardware experts are well updated with latest IoT devices and their implementations. The hardware components are selected based on the business needs and then integrated physically at the required location.
  • IoT Web/App Development - The IoT implementation requires a robust backend web or mobile app to view the data or control the devices. Lexx Digital’s IoT software developers are specially trained to produce dashboards with analytics and interact with IoT devices remotely.
Fleet Management System using latest IoT devices

Lexx Digital provides excellent solution for fleet management systems including -

  • Tracking of vehicles
  • Fuel consumption of vehicles
  • A powerful dashboard to view the live location of vehicles using Google Maps.
  • Intelligent analytics on the driver behavior, journey, fuel consumption and maintenance of vehicles.
Fuel Consumption Tracking System using ultra-sound IoT Devices

Fuel consumption tracking systems are applicable in fleet management and also diesel generator sets. The businesses today are always looking to cut their costs to increase profits and fuel consumption tracking system provides excellent insights on the fuel consumption and also the machine’s health.

Security implementation using Face Detection

With the launch of new light weight and powerful IoT devices, Lexx Digital’s IoT experts can help you with security implementation in your office, operations center, schools or factories using face detection techniques.

Custom Adverts using Beacon Technology

Lexx Digital provides excellent solutions for retail industry, using beacon technology clubbed with mobile app to deliver custom advertisement to the customers walking inside the stores.

The custom adverts are displayed on the kiosks and sent as a notification via the app on customer’s mobile phone. The entire eco-system detects the customer entry, analyze the buying behavior and deliver the most appropriate content immediately.

Such solutions have proved to increase customer loyalty and increased business in retail stores.

LexxDigital For Your Bespoke IoT Implemenation

IoT implementations can vary as per the need of businesses.
Our IoT experts will understand your business need, prepare the best solution including hardware and software.
We suggest the best technology framework to develop the web application.
We prepare a PoC before the full implementation.
After PoC, we submit a detailed report including the specifications, sourcing and maintenance of required hardware.
A team is then dedicated for the implementations.
We can implement the IoT solution anywhere in the world through our remote offices.

Lexx Digital Expertise in Technologies For IoT Implementations

Lexx Digital Expertise in
IoT Implementation Frameworks

Need an excellent PoC done with wireframes and functional details?

If you are still not sure about the development, we can prepare proof of concept including wireframes and functional details with excellent details.