About Us

About Lexx Digital

Lexx Digital is a very well structured software development company. Every team member is highly skilled and hand picked after rigorous rounds of interactions. Our processes have been designed with “Customer First” approach.

Lexx Digital has developed and delivered high end software applications including custom solutions and products to customers around the globe.

We enjoy being preferred and trusted development partners for our customers around the world.

Our organization structure has been designed to ensure a smooth journey in the development of software for our customers. We are located in one of the best places in Noida, India.

What do we stand for


We value our team and always strive to keep an excellent work environment to promote high efficiency and productivity.


We completely understand the importance of deadlines and do our best to meet them. Every process in the development has been carefully crafted to ensure correct understanding, code-reusability, adoption of new techniques and timely deliveries.


We have mixed “CMMi Level for Services” and “Agile Methodology” to ensure that we understand and develop software correctly and as per the customer’s expectations.


We believe in code reusability to keep the costs down for our customers. This also helps us to deliver bug free software as the code being re-used is tested several times.


All of our team members are highly skilled and experienced in their core functional areas. We understand that we are responsible for development and deliveries and ensure that all key personnel are trained to deliver accordingly.

Organization Structure

All the functional areas are very well defined and are separate divisions within Lexx Digital. The skill sets are properly mapped and a smooth transitioning from division to another is ensured.

Our Vision

To remain as a reliable, honest, cost effective, excellent and agile software development company. We believe this is the only way for our business to keep growing.

Our Mission

Stay adaptive! To keep growing in all the directions including people, processes, technologies, reusability and be a preferred software development partners for our customers.